Quality Management System

We at Cardiac Lifecare manufacturer all the products with utmost care to assure best possible quality. Our aim is to ensure that;

  • All the offered products are manufactured after taking into consideration the norms of WHO-GMP and other associated authorities usch such as Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).
  • All the production and control operations are clearly specified in a written manner and the production standards are ensured as per WHO & GMP.
  • The duty of each and every member of management is defined the job descriptions.
  • Quality control is done on each and every step of production.
  • The final end product is properly processed with thorough checking as per the defined procedures.
  • We sell our pharma drugs only after receiving certifications from the authorization team. All batches are processed as per the marketing requirements of the linked client.

Lifecare Quality Systems

  • We are fully committed to develop, produce and supply internationally recognized pharma drugs that conforms to the qualty that we intend to match.
  • All the manufacturing operations and quality management operations done by us ensures that products meet the requirements expected by the regulatory authorities. All licensing specifications are also met by us.
  • Proper compliance with the local regulatory requirements is also ensured in case the products are intended for local use.
  • Continuous improvement is being done in all the offered drug formulations and in the manufacturing process also.
  • Non-Fill Detection (NFD) System is installed into the machines we use which ensures automatically rejection of the defective packs.


Cardiac Lifecare being one of the Best Cardiac Diabetic Manufacturer in India, utilizes their manufacturing plant that is strategically located in Asia’s largest pharma hub i.e. Himachal Pradesh, India. Compliance is made to the standards laid by WHO-GMP which makes us an export-oriented manufacturing company. We are equipped with latest and modern technologies that is used by top rated pharma firms.

Besides manufacturing a wide range of over 100 registered cardiac and diabetic formulations, Cardiac Lifecare also takes third-party manufacturing orders. The manufacturing plant is updated frequently with newer and advanced manufacturing techniques in order to achieve the best possible pharma drugs, each time.

R&D/ F&D

Beign a notable Cardiac and Diabetic medicines manufacturer in India, Cardiac Lifecare has a well built Research and Development (R&D) Centre wherein a team of qualified scientists and experts works continuously in order to develop the best possible cardiac and diabetic medicines.

The world-class laboratories of our firm are dedicated development of pharma formulations and that’s why they are equipped with a rapid mix grinder, fluid bed dryer, compression machine, and different instruments such as HPLC, UV Visible spectrophotometers, FTIR, dissolution and disintegration test apparatus in order to do an accurate analysis and testing of the new formulations that we introduce.

Stability chambers are also utilized for stability testing and analysis of the finished formulations that we offer. Cardiac Lifecare is having the aim to keep up with the pace to the process of developing new cardiac formulations. Tilll now we have collaborated many recognized institutions such as NIPER Mohali, and we stay updated with all trends in the Cardiac Diabetic sector.