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Pharma Medicine Exporter  From India to Bangladesh - When it comes to the top pharma exporter from India to Bangladesh, Cardiac LifeCare comes at first place as it is an ISO-accredited pharma company that offers a wide range of DCGI & FSSAI approved medicines to all the linked pharma professional in various countries. Bangladesh happens to be one of the notable partners of India when it comes to pharmaceutical importers from India. The position of Bangladesh in terms of the pharma sector isn’t quite good as it is dependent on other nations for importing medicines and other pharmaceuticals. Seeing it Cardiac LifeCare is here as the top Indian Pharma Medicine Exporter to Bangladesh.

The demand for various pharmaceuticals is increasing at a very high rate in Bangladesh as people living there are suffering from some kind of disease. The value of pharma imports that was there in the year 2018 was around $ 205.5 million and estimates about it to reach around $2945 million with a CAGR of 7.4%. Indian Pharma Medicine Exporter to Bangladesh contributes around 7% of the total imports that takes place from India to Bangladesh. Cardiac LifeCare is the top pharma exporting company from India to Bangladesh offering a lot of quality-rich ranges to be imported from India to Bangladesh. Product types covered include tablets, injectables, syrups, and much more.

Not only final pharma products, 30% of the raw material that Bangladesh imports is contributed by India. The number of Pharmaceutical export shipments from India to Bangladesh is 32.8K that are exported by 1,106 Suppliers. The top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh are linked with top pharma companies in India such as Cardiac LifeCare, in order to import pharma drugs from India. Falling behind in the pharma sector, Bangladesh is in need of getting medicines from India and its pharma exporter from India to Bangladesh for attaining quality rich medicines with ease. Cardiac LifeCare being a notable name in the list of top exporters of pharma drugs from India to Bangladesh offers its top-notch pharma medicines.


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Why Trust Cardiac LifeCare As The Top Pharma Exporter From India To Bangladesh?

Cardiac LifeCare is a top name in the list of the leading Indian Pharma Medicine Exporter to Bangladesh. Being in the business since the year 1994, we make sure to follow all the guidelines given by institutions such as WHO, GMP, GLP, and much more. All the batches which we manufacture are sent for delivery after doing all kinds of quality checks. Cutting-edge technology along with the latest technology is utilized for the production of top-notch pharma drugs that gets noticed by all the global firms doing their pharma business on an international level.


Our Products

Effectiveness of the products is the main focus of our company and to obtain that our products go through from several testing measurements. Else, the wide range of products help our clients to get all under one roof and become the major cardiac diabetic medicine supplier in the region.

Ambitions of Cardias Lifecare

Cardiac Lifecare is transforming the cardiac medicines market by offering people with products which are made up of the latest innovations and technology. Therefore, our major goal is to make our society disease free. And further goals are following;

  • To serve mankind with our quality cardiac and diabetic medicines.
  • Bring awareness about quality cardiac and diabetic treatment.
  • Help businesses to grow smoothly by obtaining our services.
  • Set remarkable presence across the globe among international clients.
  • Become a first preference in order to export pharma products globally.

Why Choose Us

Under the supervision of Shri Yogendra Somdutt Chopra, Lifecare Neuro was established in 1994 for offering the best pharma medicines to help people with having a happy and healthy life with an ambition to manufacture quality formulations and make them accessible at affordable rates to people across the globe.

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly follow guidelines by WHO-GMP, GLP, FSSAI, etc. to ensure the best output, maintain proper hygiene, systematize batches etc.

Best Packaging Solutions

We keep our packaging sophisticated and conduct multiple tests to ensure that the drugs withstand extreme temperatures, movements etc.

Cost-effective Products

Our manufacturing unit is located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, which is an excise-free location helping us to substantially reduce our overhead charges.

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Highest Quality Medicines Offered by Us To Import in Bangladesh from India

Packing is done in such a manner so as to ensure that the product gets delivered to its destination in a proper manner without facing any kind of damage or leakage. The raw material that we use is a well-known pharma medicine exporting company from India to Bangladesh, which is of the best possible quality. Over 20+ nations are working with us for importing medicines into their country. Making sure that the linked pharma professional gets fully satisfied is one of our main aims and hence we are also counted among the top Indian Medicine Exporters from India to Bangladesh.

  • The manufacturing cycle is carried on in a very convenient manner so as to ensure that a minimum amount of resources gets wasted.
  • Being linked with an exceptional team of logistics we deliver the orders within the stipulated time frame.
  • The production facility that we make use of is kept fully clean and sanitized on a regular basis of time.
  • The team of researchers that work with us does their job in a very good manner and they don’t leave space for any kind of error to arise.
  • Pharma professionals looking for the procedure on how to import medicines from India to Bangladesh can come and contact us.

Wide Array of Pharmaceutical Range

Cardiac Lifecare exports the best pharmaceutical products from India to Bangladesh, thanks to our excellent customer service and large range of high quality products. Cardiac Lifecare has a large list of products in many different product categories. All of our products, created from top quality raw materials, are manufactured using DCGI approved chemicals. We have top-notch manufacturing facilities, top-of-the-line machinery and large storage spaces where all of our products are kept securely under the supervision and tracking of our dedicated staff. 



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Anti-Fungal / Anti-Viral

Antiemetic Drugs

Antimalarial Anti Parasitic

Reasons to Import Pharmaceuticals From India

There are several reasons why countries may choose to import pharmaceuticals from India. Some of them are briefly dicussed below.

Cost-Effectiveness: Indian pharmaceutical companies are known for producing high-quality medicines at lower prices than many other countries. This cost-effectiveness is due to lower manufacturing and labor costs, which makes Indian pharmaceuticals more affordable for many countries.

Wide Range of Products: India has a large and diverse pharmaceutical industry, with companies that produce a wide range of products. This means that countries can import a variety of medicines from India, including generic versions of drugs that are more expensive in their own countries.

Quality Standards: Indian pharmaceutical companies are subject to rigorous quality standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO), and many of them are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This ensures that the medicines produced in India are safe and effective.

Access to Technology: India has a strong base of scientific and technical knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals. Many Indian pharmaceutical companies have developed expertise in developing and manufacturing complex drug formulations and delivery systems, which can benefit countries that do not have access to such technologies.

International Trade Agreements: Many countries have signed international trade agreements with India that facilitate the import of pharmaceuticals. These agreements may provide tariff exemptions, streamlined customs procedures, and other benefits that make it easier and more cost-effective to import medicines from India.

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