Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Maldives

Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Maldives - Cardia Lifecare exports pharmaceuticals across the globe and Maldives is one of the countries where 6 major pharmaceutical products are imported from India. The total value of imported goods like medicaments, therapeutic, prophylactic use, Blood, antisera, vaccines, toxins, medical wadding, gauze, etc, is 15.68US$ million. So, for all pharma products of good quality, Cardia Lifecare is considered the top Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Maldives. Our company is having every kind of medical healthcare need, and we make sure to make our pharma products under WHO and GMP-approved units. 

Cardiac Lifecare provides good infrastructure facilities with a great number of employees working to make every client happy with the service. We have the top team to lead our delivery and customer care support is available. Our company has exported pharmaceuticals from India to Maldives and has made many links with the pharma businesses there. We are having a great range of medicines like antibiotics, antihistamines, ortho, gyne, ophthalmic, cardiac and diabetic, etc. to treat patients in Maldives. Moreover, our company is ISO-certified and provides good manufacturing services.


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A Highly Proficient Pharma Exporting Company In India For Maldives

The most well-known pharmaceutical exporter from India to the Maldives is Cardiac Lifecare. Our company strives to deliver superior pharmaceutical items to the market to enhance societal well-being. The pharmaceutical export business we have from India to the Maldives has been recognized well in the industry. We deal with a wide range of DCGI-approved high-quality items and we've developed into a highly trained pharmaceutical exporting company that works with top-notch pharma medicines

Our company's success on a global scale is due to the product manufacturing facility. It is a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex constructed on a sizable piece of land with different categories. Cardiac Lifecare is a top company to run this business because of the following reasons-

  • We have cutting-edge technology and we are GMP and GLP certified.
  • The R&D team makes every formulation with safety and quality.
  • We follow every guideline provided by the WHO and supply 400+ pharmaceutical products.
  • The production is made with strict checkups and performance is generated before service.
  • Our company is having 27+ years of experience and is a huge driver in the pharma industry.
  • The logistics team makes sure to provide every delivery on time and with precautions.

Our Products

Effectiveness of the products is the main focus of our company and to obtain that our products go through from several testing measurements. Else, the wide range of products help our clients to get all under one roof and become the major cardiac diabetic medicine supplier in the region.

Ambitions of Cardias Lifecare

Cardiac Lifecare is transforming the cardiac medicines market by offering people with products which are made up of the latest innovations and technology. Therefore, our major goal is to make our society disease free. And further goals are following;

  • To serve mankind with our quality cardiac and diabetic medicines.
  • Bring awareness about quality cardiac and diabetic treatment.
  • Help businesses to grow smoothly by obtaining our services.
  • Set remarkable presence across the globe among international clients.
  • Become a first preference in order to export pharma products globally.

Why Choose Us

Under the supervision of Shri Yogendra Somdutt Chopra, Lifecare Neuro was established in 1994 for offering the best pharma medicines to help people with having a happy and healthy life with an ambition to manufacture quality formulations and make them accessible at affordable rates to people across the globe.

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly follow guidelines by WHO-GMP, GLP, FSSAI, etc. to ensure the best output, maintain proper hygiene, systematize batches etc.

Best Packaging Solutions

We keep our packaging sophisticated and conduct multiple tests to ensure that the drugs withstand extreme temperatures, movements etc.

Cost-effective Products

Our manufacturing unit is located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, which is an excise-free location helping us to substantially reduce our overhead charges.

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  • Antiasthmatic
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  • Antimalarial Anti Parasitic
  • Antiemetic Drugs

Rising Demands & Requirement For Pharmaceutical Medicines In Maldives

If we talk about the health sector in the Maldives, it comes into a bad category when the evaluation of the nation’s health was conducted. Only 18.2% was fulfilled by the nation and the expectation for reproductive health is still not achieved. Therefore, the trade business with India for medicines has been successful for many years. The scarcity of pharmaceuticals has been targeted by the government and the partnership with India is having good relations. 

Cardiac Lifecare has various types of products covering tablets, capsules, injectables,, 

Seeing it Cardiac LifeCare is here with various product types covering tablets, capsules, injectables, and many more for importing medicines to the Maldives. Hi-tech machines along with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility are utilized by our firm which makes it the best Pharmaceutical Medicine Exporter from India to Sri Lanka. Different hassle-free services are also offered by our firm a top exporter from India to Sri Lanka.

Reliable Range Of Pharma Products 

Cardiac Lifecare has the top quality range of pharmaceuticals and is having a prominent name for this business. To us, quality plays the most key role and thus, goodwill is maintained with the Maldives as the export business always provides a reliable range of pharmaceuticals. It is our duty to take care of society's health because we are tied to it, especially in exporting business. Therefore, we have a wide range of pharma products that are DCGI-approved. Following are the categories they are manufactured in-

  • Capsules
  • Injections
  • Ointments
  • Tablets
  • Syrups
  • Sprays
  • Gels
  • Powders, etc.

How To Import Pharma Products Into the Maldives From India?

For any export and import business in countries, some essential documents are most needed. Below are the following documents that shall be submitted with the goods declaration according to customs law in the Maldives-

  • Pre-valuation form
  • Commercial invoice, Pro-forma invoice, or purchase order.
  • Packing list, bill of lading, airway bill, or courier waybill.
  • Documents stating the costs borne by the buyer and the seller are stated in the pre-valuation form.
  • Insurance policy for insured goods.
  • Bond receipt or post waybill for goods imported through the post.
  • Courier airway bill or delivery order for goods imported through courier service.
  • Documents stating all the costs incurred for the goods to be brought to the clearing Customs port.
  • Any other information regarding the imported goods which the importer wants to share with customs.
  • Documents stating the payment details or how the payment is to be made for the goods
  • Any agreement made in writing between the buyer and the seller.
  • Original of the de-registration certificate if the imported good is a Pre-registered vehicle other than motorcycles and autocycles.
  • Original certificate of origin, if the preferential rate of duty is claimed.
  • Permits from relevant government authorities for goods requiring such permit for importation.