Top Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Angola

Top Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Angola: Located in central Africa, Angola has a population of 3.39 crores. It is a developing country with a rising economy. Numerous companies are starting in the country, especially in the pharma sector. Many professionals are looking for top pharmaceutical exporters from India to Angola. India is one of the biggest countries in the world and the second-largest pharma market. 

There are over 3000 registered pharmaceutical companies in India offering a wide range of healthcare services and products, not only in India but to the whole world. It is because Indian companies have an excellent reputation for curating quality healthcare medications for the public. This makes India one of the ideal countries for importing pharma products from different parts of the world.

Cardiac Lifecare is one of the most well-known pharmaceutical companies in India. The company offers a range of top-notch products and services to pharma specialists throughout the globe. Pharma professionals choose Cardiac Lifecare over all other pharmaceutical drug exporters to Angola. It is due to the company's more than 27 years of expertise in the pharmaceutical sector, thousands of delighted clients, premium health goods, first-rate services, and 3000 workers globally.


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Top Exportation Company in India: Cardiac Lifecare

Cardiac Lifecare's premium goods and services are revolutionising the pharmaceutical industry. We export pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies to a dozen countries, and this number is steadily rising. Since the pharmaceutical sector considers our products, high quality compared to those of the rest of the market, our company has expanded significantly because of the many dedicated pharma professionals that work here.

No steps are held during the production of any of our products, which are all made in state-of-the-art facilities. We can guarantee the quality of our products since we have a first-rate production facility and a dedicated team of professionals. Quality is our priority, and we go to considerable lengths to ensure that only the best products arrive at your house. It is a reason that we are an ideal pharmaceutical exporter from India to Angola.

  • 3000 highly Hardworking employees
  • Over 10 000 satisfied clients worldwide
  • Genuine Prices Are Offered
  • Top Quality Healthcare Products and Services
  • Availability across 12 Countries of the World
  • Fair and Transparent Means of business

Our Products

Effectiveness of the products is the main focus of our company and to obtain that our products go through from several testing measurements. Else, the wide range of products help our clients to get all under one roof and become the major cardiac diabetic medicine supplier in the region.

Ambitions of Cardias Lifecare

Cardiac Lifecare is transforming the cardiac medicines market by offering people with products which are made up of the latest innovations and technology. Therefore, our major goal is to make our society disease free. And further goals are following;

  • To serve mankind with our quality cardiac and diabetic medicines.
  • Bring awareness about quality cardiac and diabetic treatment.
  • Help businesses to grow smoothly by obtaining our services.
  • Set remarkable presence across the globe among international clients.
  • Become a first preference in order to export pharma products globally.

Why Choose Us

Under the supervision of Shri Yogendra Somdutt Chopra, Lifecare Neuro was established in 1994 for offering the best pharma medicines to help people with having a happy and healthy life with an ambition to manufacture quality formulations and make them accessible at affordable rates to people across the globe.

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly follow guidelines by WHO-GMP, GLP, FSSAI, etc. to ensure the best output, maintain proper hygiene, systematize batches etc.

Best Packaging Solutions

We keep our packaging sophisticated and conduct multiple tests to ensure that the drugs withstand extreme temperatures, movements etc.

Cost-effective Products

Our manufacturing unit is located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, which is an excise-free location helping us to substantially reduce our overhead charges.

Our Associates / Vendors

Recent Products

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  • Antiasthmatic
  • General Range
  • Antimalarial Anti Parasitic
  • Antiemetic Drugs

High Quality Production of Healthcare Items in Top Notch Facilities

Our business goes above and above to ensure that our products are produced correctly. We exclusively produce using top-notch molecules in state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, we have a highly skilled and committed crew that monitors each stage of the production process. If there are any issues, the entire batch is thrown out, and a new product is created.

  • Guidelines of WHO and GMP are Followed
  • Good Clinical Practices, and Laboratory Practices are conducted.
  • Quality Control is a Primary Attribute of the Company
  • Check-ups on the last staged manufacturing product
  • Business of only Quality products.
  • Batches are Produced based on the interests of Clients

Wide Range of Products Available for Business and Other Pharma Services

Cardiac Lifecare exports the best pharmaceuticals from India to Angola because of our top-notch customer service and extensive inventory of high-quality drugs. Cardiac Lifecare's extensive product line includes a variety of product categories. All of our products are made using superior raw materials and DCGI-approved chemicals. We have first-rate production facilities, cutting-edge machinery, and huge storage space where all our goods are safely kept under the care and management of our devoted staff.



Vitamins & Minerals

Antimicrobials & Anti Biotics



Lipid Lowering & Antiplatelets

NSAIDs, Neuralgia & Anti-Arthritic

Anti-Ulcer, Hyperacidity & Gastroenterological

Anti-Fungal / Anti-Viral

Antiemetic Drugs

Antimalarial Anti Parasitic

Importing Documents Required to Import from India to Angola

The firm has to be registered with the import agencies of the India and Angola. Only a professional can get products from outside Angola. On top of that, several documents are required to provide to the different facilities which can verify the importing procedure. It is not an easy step for pharma enthusiasts to get the products, and it is also necessary to prevent illegal activities in the trade market. So some essential documents a person needs to provide before importing products to Angola.

  • Customs Entry Document
  • Customs Bond
  • Legal Undertaking Document
  • Customs Declarations
  • Import License
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Certificates of Inspection
  • Purchase Order
  • Commercial Invoice or Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin and Analysis
  • Health and Ingredient Certificate
  • Bill of Exchange

Why Choose Cardiac Lifecare is a top pharmaceutical exporter from India to Angola?

Cardiac Lifecare is the foremost pharmaceutical supplier to Angola from India. We have more than two decades of experience, high-quality products, and the trust of clients and professionals in the pharma business. Since our firm always works to simplify the entire exportation procedure for pharma professionals, we are the finest choice for pharma drug exporters from India to Angola.

  • Superior goods and services
  • Reach over 12 nations
  • Product list with WHO and GMP certification
  • We use DCGI molecules.
  • Affordable costs for goods and services
  • Year-round accessibility
  • More than 20 years of expertise


If you’re planning to import pharma products from India to Angola, then Cardiac Lifecare is the best choice. We look forward to working with you and wish you luck on your pharma journey.