Import Pharma Medicines from India to Dominican Republic

Import Pharma Medicines from India to Dominican Republic - Pharmaceuticals are in low supply in Dominican Peru, and several nations are helping significantly by supplying pharmaceuticals. India is one of them, as well as the largest generic pharmaceuticals exporter, accounting for 20% of total export value. Many Dominican Republic clients are contacting India to import merchandise.

Cardiac Lifecare is a top Import Pharmaceuticals In Dominican Republic From India company that works with a diverse selection of pharmaceuticals from throughout the world. To compete with global pharmaceutical platforms, all of our products are developed in accordance with WHO and GMP standards. We work with over 20 countries and our Indian pharmaceuticals are recognised globally.

Cardiac Lifecare is an ISO certified Import Pharma Medicines from India to Dominican Republic . Through numerous divisions, the company provides a diverse range of products, including nutraceutical, cardiac, renal, and other high-quality products in a variety of formats such as tablets, capsules, granules, sachets, powder, softgel capsules, and so on.

For importing medications into the Dominican Republic, all products are DCGI and FSSAI certified and available at reasonable pricing. Our products are created using cutting-edge technology, making us the preferred pharma exporting company in India for Dominican Republic. We offer inventory availability, logistical services, and many more services to make our services as convenient as possible.


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A Proficient Pharma Exporting Company In India For Dominican Republic

Cardiac Lifecare has several divisions such as Lifecare neuro, Lifecare Nutrition and many others for several categories. The increasing demand of pharmaceuticals in the Dominican Republic has influenced us to export medicines from India. Our company is backed by well educated and experienced staff that makes us proficient since they all are well trained in their specific field, that makes us the best export to import pharma medicines from India to Dominican Republic.  We are generally dealing with countries like; Africa, USA, SriLanka, Bangladesh and many others.

The production plant is built on a large plot of land and includes distinct sections for different types of work, which distinguishes our firm from others because we are primarily concerned with product quality. Because of the importance of excellent products, the organisation has dealt with them.

  • All products are manufactured by utilising the cutting edge technology.
  • All devices are gressed and serviced for better performance.
  • Clients from 20+ countries are getting our pharma exporting services.
  • More than 400 different pharmaceuticals are there in which we deal.
  • We deliver the products in a given time since we know the value of our client’s time.
  • Cardiac Lifecare believes in transparent services that attract the clients to get our deals.

Our Products

Effectiveness of the products is the main focus of our company and to obtain that our products go through from several testing measurements. Else, the wide range of products help our clients to get all under one roof and become the major cardiac diabetic medicine supplier in the region.

Ambitions of Cardias Lifecare

Cardiac Lifecare is transforming the cardiac medicines market by offering people with products which are made up of the latest innovations and technology. Therefore, our major goal is to make our society disease free. And further goals are following;

  • To serve mankind with our quality cardiac and diabetic medicines.
  • Bring awareness about quality cardiac and diabetic treatment.
  • Help businesses to grow smoothly by obtaining our services.
  • Set remarkable presence across the globe among international clients.
  • Become a first preference in order to export pharma products globally.

Why Choose Us

Under the supervision of Shri Yogendra Somdutt Chopra, Lifecare Neuro was established in 1994 for offering the best pharma medicines to help people with having a happy and healthy life with an ambition to manufacture quality formulations and make them accessible at affordable rates to people across the globe.

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly follow guidelines by WHO-GMP, GLP, FSSAI, etc. to ensure the best output, maintain proper hygiene, systematize batches etc.

Best Packaging Solutions

We keep our packaging sophisticated and conduct multiple tests to ensure that the drugs withstand extreme temperatures, movements etc.

Cost-effective Products

Our manufacturing unit is located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, which is an excise-free location helping us to substantially reduce our overhead charges.

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100% Quality Assurance For Effective Pharmaceuticals Trade

The quality control team inspects and confirms the product's quality at each stage of manufacture since we believe that dealing with effective pharma products is more vital than simply increasing sales. The method to sustainability entails controlling each activity, then lowering the raw materials that are not necessary and also reducing the manpower that is not required. So that our services are affordable and our products are of the highest quality. In order to remain competitive, the research team brings the most recent pharma products to the market, and we lay a great focus on offering our clients a diverse range of innovative products.

Scenario Of Pharma Imports In Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has one of the largest market in the world with over US $700 million in size. It is having strong relations with many nation acroos the globe such as with India, United States and some other nations also. It is home to a good number of manufacturing plants as well as pharma companies still it is dependent on many other countries for getting the need met for pharma medicines that people living here demands. Cardiac Lifecare being the top pharmaceuticals exporter from India to Dominican Republic.

It is also home to various communicable diseases along with chronic non-communicable diseases. Hypertension is one of the most prevalent health ailments that people are facing in here as per the data given by WHO. The percentage of deaths that were caused due to nutritional deficiencies and other related conditions were around 16%. No doubt that the local producers does act as a potential source for getting the pharma needs met, but the nation is still dependent on other countries such as India for getting high quality products with ease.

  • The need for various nutritional products is increasing in Dominican Republic.
  • India plays a very crucial role in the global pharmaceuticals and vaccine industry.
  • It is one of the largest provider of various generic medicines.
  • Recently Dominican Republic imported around $830 million.

Procedure of Importing Medicines In Dominican Republic From India

The import of pharma medicines from one nation to another requires some rules and regulations to be followed. It makes sure that the top pharma exporting company from India to Dominican Republic doesn’t faces any problem lateron. The products that gets transported from one nation to another also helps the linked parties to get into strong relationship with each other. Not from the social point of view only, it also helps them to boost the economy of the and the needy individual also gets the chance to get the desired products for their health needs. Have a look at the procedure to import medicines from India to Dominican Republic.

  • Your pharma company must be registered with the respective government authority under Dominican Republic.
  • The party must also be having the Origin of medicines certificate with them.
  • They also need to have Drugs license in order to import products comfortably without any legal issues.
  • The importer must also have importing license in order to proceed safely and comfortably.
  • Custom clearance certificate must also be given to the importer so that he can proceed comfortably.