Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia

Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia - Pharmaceutical companies and governmental entities typically import medicines from other nations, which are among Australia's main imports. In 2021, the country imported medications worth around 10.7 billion USD. Australia is one of the main attractions for doing business in trade with quality medicines since these are the products that are highly demanded due to less production scale within the nation. 

With a big transformation in the pharma market of Australia, Cardiac Lifecare comes with quality medicines and represents itself as a leading Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia. Working as per the norms set by  WHO and GMP in order to maintain the professionalism and standard in the company as per the global standard. Moreover, our pharma exporting company has the main motive of making people disease free and also making them aware of the quality of medicines.

This is a prominent platform for importing pharma products to Australia since all our products are manufactured by utilizing cutting-edge technology. More than 350 pharma products are available at reasonable prices for exporting from India to other nations. And all are the most demanded products. That is why people with pharma companies in Australia prefer us to get special products like nephrology, cardiac, diabetic, neuro, and many others. Moreover, in order to make the services more beneficial, we provide them with the full assistance of importing as well as stock availability.  


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Best Company For Importing Pharma Products To Australia

Cardiac Lifecare has been working for the health of our society's members and has produced a variety of goods that are high in cardiac and diabetes medications. We not only operate in the country, but we also export enormous amounts of pharmaceutical items to foreign countries. Cardiac Lifecare represents a specialty in cardiac medications as well as diabetes and neuro drugs that making it the top Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia. As a result, we are regarded as a leading pharma drug exporting firm in India for Australia. 

The company has a cutting-edge production facility, which is the primary reason behind our high-quality products. The unit is built on a large plot of land with excellent infrastructure. It is divided into divisions for various operations such as raw material sorting, packing, production, logistics, and many more. That makes our entire process go more smoothly. In addition, below are some of our company's characteristics.

  • The facility is well-equipped with cutting-edge machinery for manufacture.
  • More than 350 pharmaceutical goods in various categories are available at pocket-friendly pricing.
  • Many clients have interacted with us simply because of the honest bargains that we generally produce.
  • The organisation is supported by highly experienced and skilled employees who make every attempt.
  • All production tools and machinery are maintained regularly in order to improve performance and output.
  • With its exporting services, Cardiac Lifecare is setting a significant precedent in the worldwide pharmaceutical industry as one of the top Pharmaceutical Exporter From India To Australia.

Our Products

Effectiveness of the products is the main focus of our company and to obtain that our products go through from several testing measurements. Else, the wide range of products help our clients to get all under one roof and become the major cardiac diabetic medicine supplier in the region.

Ambitions of Cardias Lifecare

Cardiac Lifecare is transforming the cardiac medicines market by offering people with products which are made up of the latest innovations and technology. Therefore, our major goal is to make our society disease free. And further goals are following;

  • To serve mankind with our quality cardiac and diabetic medicines.
  • Bring awareness about quality cardiac and diabetic treatment.
  • Help businesses to grow smoothly by obtaining our services.
  • Set remarkable presence across the globe among international clients.
  • Become a first preference in order to export pharma products globally.

Why Choose Us

Under the supervision of Shri Yogendra Somdutt Chopra, Lifecare Neuro was established in 1994 for offering the best pharma medicines to help people with having a happy and healthy life with an ambition to manufacture quality formulations and make them accessible at affordable rates to people across the globe.

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly follow guidelines by WHO-GMP, GLP, FSSAI, etc. to ensure the best output, maintain proper hygiene, systematize batches etc.

Best Packaging Solutions

We keep our packaging sophisticated and conduct multiple tests to ensure that the drugs withstand extreme temperatures, movements etc.

Cost-effective Products

Our manufacturing unit is located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, which is an excise-free location helping us to substantially reduce our overhead charges.

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Thriving Pharma Market In Australia 

The Therapeutic Products Administration (TGA), Australia's drug regulatory authority, has agreed to expedite faster and easier approvals for India's generic pharmaceutical products that have already been approved by developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, making it easier for Indian pharmaceutical companies to launch their products in the Australian market.

The Australian pharmaceuticals market was valued at USD 25,250 million in 2020 and is predicted to reach USD 28,750 million in 2026, growing at a 2.1 percent CAGR from 2021 to 2026. Most pharmaceutical and biotech firms have switched their emphasis to R&D departments in order to uncover novel compounds or leads for the treatment of this condition, which is currently in the final stages of clinical trials.

Why Hire These Exporting Services For Pharmaceuticals?

Product is the main focus of our company since all the pharma sector is running on the product as it is the main aspect of the complete sector before services. Cardiac Lifecare thinks that supplying high-quality pharmaceutical items is synonymous with producing substantial market returns. As a consequence, we placed a great value on maintaining product quality while still keeping costs low. To remain competitive in the industry, our Research & Development team performs research on novel chemicals and atoms and offers the most recent pharma goods to the market. 

Moreover, in order to maintain quality, we process our goods in a robust supply chain management in which we are able to cope with minimizing raw materials where it is not required while manufacturing, as well as managing each activity to maintain quality and cost-effectiveness that makes us the leading pharma company that exports pharma drugs from India to Australia. 

All About How To Import Pharmaceuticals To Australia?

Importing pharmaceutical items requires adhering to stringent legal regulations established in the Pharmaceutical Products Act. In general, unless they are exempt from registration, things must be registered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) before they may be legitimately imported into Australia. Every ARTG entry has a sponsor,' who is in charge of applying for and keeping the ARTG entry active. In rare cases, unapproved therapeutic goods that are not on the ARTG can be legitimately imported.

The Australian Border Force (ABF) is in charge of clearing imported goods through customs when they first arrive in Australia. All items arriving at the Australian Border Force must be declared unless an exception exists. Additional clearance requirements, such as biosecurity, food safety, and drug control, may also apply to your pharmaceutical items.

  • Import and export unapproved therapeutic items for research purposes
  • Importing unapproved therapeutic items for clinical trials: guidance and application form
  • Scheme for Personal Importation
  • Advice on importing therapeutic items for personal use

Importing controlled substances

  • As part of the Australian Government's Department of Health, the Office of Drug Control (link is external) controls and advises on the import of banned drugs (link is external).
  • Under the Customs (Forbidden Imports) Regulations 1956, controlled drugs (such as narcotics, psychotropics, and precursor compounds) are prohibited from being imported without a license and/or authorization (link is external).
  • To import therapeutic goods containing a prohibited drug or pharmaceutical item, you must get a license and/or permission from the Office of Drug Control.

If you are unclear if a prohibited chemical is included in the product you are importing, you should:

Consult the Office of Drug Control for a list of restricted drugs that require a license and/or permit to import (link is external)

Before you import, check:

  • Whether you need to apply for a permit to import your items and whether they must meet any biosecurity criteria (to prevent pests and diseases from entering Australia)
  • Tariffs, taxes, freight, and handling are all likely costs. Imports are subject to a 10% goods and services tax. Fuel, cigarettes, and alcoholic beverages all incur excise charges.
  • This corresponds to the excise tax rates set by the Australian Taxation Office for any duty or GST concessions that apply, such as a Tariff Concession Order or preferential tariff treatment under a Free Trade Agreement.